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How do you get up from stretchlying?

slika Lumiel je
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5 years 4 months ago
04/15/2010 - 3:17pm
How do you get up from stretchlying?
Chiropractors often teach their patients to roll to one side, keeping the neck disengaged and resting on a pillow or a hand, with the uppermost hand resting palm down on the floor in front of the upper chest.  This hand pushes down while the upper body rises.  The main idea is to keep the neck from lifting the head, letting the upper arm and shoulder doing the work of lifting the body into sitting position.

Some people use both elbows (while lying on their backs) to push their bodies up into sitting position.

There are even those who raise both knees in the air and use the momentum of both legs descending to pull up their torsos!

What is the GM-recommended technique of rising from stretchlying?
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7 min 5 sec ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
I like option 1 and also log-rolling onto all fours, then raising the buttocks up in the air and then un-hip-hinging. If you are on the bed, you could swing your legs over the side of the bed at the same time as you do option 1.
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